The Exchange for Lenders

The Exchange is a suite of solutions for lenders which reduces risk, manages third party compliance, and secures lender funds, while allowing the client to participate in the choice of closing agent.

The Exchange

The only solution that offers:


Full underwriter responsibility for both the title and closing activities of its agents.


The benefits of centralized control with closings performed by community closing agents.


A solution applicable in all transaction types, including purchases.

The Lender Problem

The increasingly difficult burden of balancing a diverse set of risk factors.

Risk Factor 1.

Risk Management of Third Parties

It is challenging to monitor thousands of closing agents, yet lenders are responsible for the compliance and activities of their third parties.

Risk Factor 2.

Closing Agent Compliance with Lender Instructions

Enforcing consistent adherence to the lender instructions is particularly difficult when lenders close with thousands of closing agents, many of whom work with the lender on an irregular basis.

Risk Factor 3.

Security of Lender Funds

Lenders send funds to escrow accounts into which they have limited visibility and difficulty guaranteeing the security of those funds.

Risk Factor 4.

Lack of Purchase Solutions

Other solutions for centralizing lender control of the title and settlement process do not apply to distributed refinance, wholesale, or purchase transactions.

Risk Factor 5.

Compliance Management

Lenders increase their exposure to risk as the process of vetting closing agents becomes increasingly difficult.

Risk Factor 6.

Local Market Knowledge

Until now, a solution has not existed that allows the lender to benefit from centralized processing while taking advantage of the local market knowledge only community closing agents can provide.

Risk Factor 7.

Consumer Choice

Lenders must give consumers, and desire to give their brokers, loan officers, and REALTOR® clients, the ability to select a closing agent.

Our Solution

The Exchange suite of solutions.


ClosepinTM is a proprietary technology enabling a lender to have automated, ongoing validation and compliance management for a lender's closing agent network in a web- based, real-time, searchable platform.

ClosepinTM + Centralized Disbursement

In addition to the benefits of ClosepinTM, Westcor acts as a centralized disbursement unit which includes:

  • increased efficiency and security due to lender's closing team utilizing only one set of wiring instructions
  • printing paper checks in the closing agent’s office for purchase transactions
  • reconciliation of CD with discrepancies reported to the lender
  • decreased turn times of title policy delivery and mortgage recording
  • the elimination of the closing agent's risk of cybercrime, escrow fraud, and disbursement expenses

Westcor and its Certified Agents as Vendor

Westcor is accountable for both the title insurance and closing activities; manages all closing activities; ensures the closing agent’s compliance with the lender instructions; reconciles and resolves CD discrepancies; receives, controls, and disburses lender funds; issues the lender's title policy, guaranteeing timely delivery; and sends mortgage for recording, guaranteeing timely delivery.

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