The Exchange for Title Agents

Underwriter-managed back office solutions for sales-focused title agents.

Supporting Your Agency

Here's how The Exchange can help your agency.

  • Risk Reduction

    Title agents’ risk is reduced when they utilize products and services, such as title searches and disbursement services, provided by Westcor.
  • Technology

    Westcor’s technology platform equips title agents with the most advanced technology available at a significantly reduced cost and with best-in-class security.
  • Increased Productivity

    Outsourcing back-office functions to Westcor not only reduces a title agent’s risk, but enables them to focus on business development and revenue generation rather than operations.
  • Competitive Landscape

    As mortgage lenders respond to regulatory oversight, increased demands for technology, and a changing consumer mindset, The Exchange provides an underwriter-managed platform where they can work with local independent title agents. This enables lenders to reduce their risk and engage with a major national underwriter while continuing to work with local independent title agents.

Back-office Solutions

Scalable solutions provided by The Exchange:


  • New order processed
  • Prepare pre-HUD/CD
  • Tax and title search
  • Pre-title commitment
  • Pre-clear title conditions
  • Obtain payoffs


  • Schedule closing
  • Prepare closing documents
  • Prepare HUD/CD
  • Conduct signing
  • Coordinate with lender


  • Receive/review signed docs
  • Issue final docs to lender
  • Recording
  • Issue title Policy
  • Final file reconciliation


  • Act as escrow agent
  • Receive all funds
  • Disburse all funds

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